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At Ormiston Senior College everybody is seen as a leader.

Student leadership is being developed at Ormiston in a number of ways:
• Students may take the initiative and bring a new idea to fruition such as the establishment of Glee Club. We welcome students who have innovative ideas and ways to put them into practice. 
• Leaders may emerge naturally from taking responsibility in sports teams or cultural groups or from our school Spirit Teams. We recognise the contribution these students make.
• Students may volunteer for a role such as a school guide or as a presenter at one of our Celebration Nights. We encourage such involvement.
• Students may take a leadership role in the wider community  such as with the elderly or with young children. We applaud such students.
• Students may be keen to provide a student voice to the principal and senior leaders of the college. We are keen to hear from such students.
We aim to develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of leadership and its may facets within a community and foster each student’s leadership potential.