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Sport at Ormiston Senior College is an important aspect of the co-curricular programme.
A variety of summer and winter sports are already on offer. This year there are teams in the following codes: tennis, golf, lawn bowls, netball, soccer and hockey. Other sports such as cricket, basketball, badminton and athletics will be added as student interest develops.
We aim to cater for the competence level of each individual student, and to provide each participant with opportunities that are going to ensure that they grow in confidence and skill, and enjoy the sport at the level at which they are competing. While participants will be encouraged to be competitive, principles such as teamwork and good sportsmanship are also high on the agenda.

Depending on numbers of students interested, in 2016 we are looking to offer:
•   Badminton
•   Basketball
•   Cricket
•   Cross-country
•   Endurance events (e.g. Triathlon)
•   Football/Soccer
•   Golf
•   Hockey
•   Netball
•   Rugby
•   Swimming
•   Table Tennis
•   Tennis
•   Touch
•   Volleyball