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Careers & Pathways Learning

All students who begin their senior secondary education journey at Ormiston Senior College are faced with choices about their futures. 

Students participate in an enrolment interview where student, parent and caregiver educational goals are considered in relation to student strengths, values and interests. Course choices for study at Ormiston Senior College are based on the preferred futures indicated at the enrolment interview. 

We understand that informed pathways choices enable students to better manage the transition from senior secondary education to tertiary and employment pathways. Every student needs the opportunity to transition successfully from school to further learning and work. We provide high-quality, college-wide, integrated and culturally responsive career and pathways education to enable each student to achieve their potential and be a positive contributor to the community and the nation as a whole. We work in partnership with home, tertiary providers, industries and businesses to enable students to make the best possible career and pathways decisions.

In addition to the ongoing support and guidance from Learning Advisors and course teachers, every student has an individual Pathways interview each year at the college.