What is English?
At the heart of the study of English lies the development of reading, writing, speaking, viewing and presenting skills. This development occurs through ongoing practice during the year. In your English course you will be challenged to read, research and explore a variety of texts such as novels, poems, short stories, plays, articles, blogs, films. You will write frequently in a range of styles and receive feedback about how you are progressing. You will be encouraged to listen to others and to express your ideas orally in formal and informal situations. You will have the opportunity to view films and other visual media and present your ideas visually in such formats as web pages or posters.
Some skills, such as formal writing and speaking, will be assessed in class and other skills, such as writing about the literature you have studied, will be assessed in an examination at the end of the year.
Where will English take you?
The skills of reading, writing and speaking confidently are important for all careers. If English is one of the subjects you select at Year 13 you can go on to study it at tertiary level.
The door is then opened to careers as a: lawyer, journalist, writer, radio announcer, television presenter or reporter, researcher, librarian, teacher, advertising copywriter, film producer, magazine editor.