Mathematics (Maths)

What is Mathematics?

At the heart of the study of Mathematics lies the development of problem-solving skills and the understanding of concepts that will empower you to cope confidently with everyday life. In your Mathematics course you will discover and use patterns and relationships in quantities, space, time and data exploration. You will be expected to communicate effectively through the use
of language, symbols, graphs and diagrams and encouraged to work with models which represent real life as well as hypothetical situations.
In NCEA Level 1, learning will be assessed by both internal and external standards across the three strands of Algebra and Number, Geometry and Measurement, Probability and Statistics. At NCEA Level 2 Mathematics or Statistics and Modelling may be studied. At Level 3 Mathematics becomes Calculus or Statistics and Modelling.
Where will Mathematics take you?
Everyone needs a good working knowledge of numbers and the ability to use them. Mathematics is either a core or recommended subject for all tertiary courses with an analytical component.
The door is then opened to careers as an: accountant, engineer, pilot, psychologist, geologist, scientist, builder, surveyor, economist, financier, banker, actuary, computer scientist, optometrist, electrician.