Performing Arts: Drama, Dance and Music

Through the Performing Arts you learn to turn creative ideas into artistic pieces of work. The Performing Arts allow you to express knowledge and understanding that is able to be seen, heard and felt in a way that provokes emotion and challenges others to consider ideas in new ways. The Performing Arts work alongside the other subjects of the school to support learning and help you to become a well-rounded and expressive individual.
At Ormiston Senior College the Performing Arts are divided into three unique subject areas: Drama, Dance and Music.

At the heart of the study of Drama is the exploration of human experience through a focus on character, situation and setting. In Drama you will learn to structure and create performances that challenge audiences to think about important issues in society. You will take part in several public performances. Opportunities will be provided to understand acting as well as the other aspects of drama such as lighting, sound, costume and set design, and stage management. You will attend several professional performances throughout the year and you will be given the opportunity to be involved with a major production. Topics covered will include the History of Theatre, Devising, Technical and New Zealand Theatre.

Your work will be assessed by both internal and external standards.

Where will Drama take you?
The skills gained through Drama will aid in the development of confidence and self-esteem. Year 13 Drama can lead into tertiary study.  

The door is then opened to careers as an: actor, director, stage manager, teacher, film and television producer, presenter.
At the heart of the study of Dance is expressive movement that has meaning, purpose, and form. In Dance you learn to combine thinking, moving, and feeling. You will learn about the place of Dance in history and work on a number of different styles, many of which might be new to you. In this way your understanding and experience of Dance will be developed and expanded. Dance will also provide opportunities to be involved in the wider culture of the school and community through performance nights and a variety of performance groups. While the majority of the standards are internally assessed there will be an external examination for this subject.

Where will Dance take you?
Learning to express yourself through movement will give you a greater understanding of the world that you live in, help develop self-confidence and provide variety within your learning programme. Dance will provide leadership opportunities for students and Year 13 Dance can lead into tertiary study.

The door is then opened to careers as a: dancer, choreographer, dance teacher.

At the heart of the study of Music is listening to, analysing and performing music. Value will be placed upon the musical heritages of New Zealand’s diverse cultures, including traditional and contemporary Maori musical arts. By making, sharing, and responding to music you will contribute to the cultural life of our school and community. You will be given the opportunity to learn
an instrument and be a part of one of the school’s performance groups. As part of your studies in Music you will use technologies to create and shape your own music and work with the music of others. You will be given the opportunity to perform as a soloist, as part of a group of musicians, and to compose your own pieces for performance.

Your work will be assessed by both internal and external standards.

Where will Music take you?
Music will provide many opportunities for you including school field trips, music competitions and productions. Year 13 Music can lead into tertiary study.  

The door is then opened to careers as a: musician, composer, conductor, sound engineer, record producer, teacher, songwriter.