Visual Arts

What is Visual Arts?
At the heart of the study of Visual Arts is a desire to express ideas and emotions through art. You will learn about significant artists and techniques from the history of art, along with learning new ways to apply your artistic ability.
Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and digital design are forms of art that could be explored. Learn from the greats to become one yourself. You will be required to produce a body of work that is linked thematically and demonstrates the variety of techniques and types of media you have explored throughout the year.
Selected pieces will be assessed internally and your completed body of work will be sent away for external assessment.
At Years 12 and 13 Art is divided into: Art Painting, Art Photography and Art Design.
Where will Visual Arts take you?
Visual Arts leads into tertiary studies of many different types and the creation of your own portfolio of work.
The door is then opened to careers as an: artist, graphic designer, art therapist, photographer, signmaker, jeweller, carver, screen printer, interior designer, cartoonist, illustrator.