Whether you are a student, parent, friend or staff member we look forward to sharing with you the wonderful opportunities, challenges and accomplishments of our  college in the years ahead.


While academic success will be the key focus, the years ahead are also about creating pathways for the future, for trying new things and for achieving success in other aspects of school life.

To maximise each student’s success at Ormiston our single greatest intention is to personalise learning. This means that we find out about each person’s strengths and weaknesses and then plan courses accordingly to meet their needs and aspirations. In addition Learning Advisors provide comprehensive, ongoing, individual support. We want to give our students the best possible advantage as they leave us to enter the world beyond school.


As a senior secondary school we are presented with a number of unique academic opportunities such as:
•  A focus on the national examination system (NCEA)
•  Specialised subjects and teachers
•  Close links with tertiary institutions
•  The creation of an adult-learning environment
•  Using the school days and terms more flexibly to enhance the learning of our students.


At Ormiston we are exploring all these opportunities to make learning meaningful and relevant for every student.


We are fortunate to be part of a culturally diverse community where students and their families take education seriously and are keen to learn. Working closely with our feeder schools, Mission Heights Junior College and Ormiston Junior College, we continue to build on the positive experiences and skills which these students bring. The use of technology is second nature to these students so we want to expand and enhance their digital expertise as they progress through the senior college. To this end we have state-of-the-art technology and also welcome students bringing their own devices for learning. Our facilities are second to none, packed full of the right mix of spaces to support and inspire 21st century learning and teaching.

We offer a full and varied co-curricular programme of sport, cultural activities and citizenship. We also offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Scheme which we believe plays a significant part in developing a well-rounded student. 


I am delighted with the highly qualified staff we have attracted, who are full of enthusiasm for Ormiston Senior College and who are putting our vision into practice. We look forward to the arrival of our next group of students in 2018 with great anticipation.


Diana Patience