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School logo and colours

The school colours of olive and burnt orange have links to the predominant native tree of the local area - the kahikatea.  These trees produce both green cones and orange/red berries.  We see the kahikatea as an appropriate symbol for Ormiston Senior College as being New Zealand’s tallest native tree, it fits in with our aspirations that Ormiston and its students will reach the highest heights in education and beyond. The colours are also sophisticated and contemporary in line with the 21st century focus of the college.

The logo has been designed to demonstrate Ormiston’s innovative and holistic approach to learning and the school’s unique physical environment, while also making reference to local history. Based on the concept of educational and environmental life-cycles, it represents the continuous cycle of nurturing, growth and development through personalised learning and the gaining of skills needed for life-long learning. The constant flow of the design also emphasises the cycle of environmental sustainability within the school.

Another important consideration in the design was the forging of strong relationships between students, staff and the wider community and the journey students will make from the college into life beyond the school environment.  In Maori carving and pendant design, the twist represents the many paths of life and tells how the strength of the bond of friendship, loyalty and love will last forever.
The logo and school colours have been reflected subtly in the school uniform design.