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The Ormiston Experience

Why study at Ormiston Senior College?

Ormiston Senior College offers:
•  A culture of excellence
•  A full range of senior NCEA subjects
•  Quality staff with expertise in senior education
•  A Learning Advisor for every student
•  A focus on each student’s learning needs and aspirations
•  State-of-the-art facilities: library, auditorium, gymnasium, dance and drama suite, synthetic grass courts
•  Leading-edge technology across all learning areas and access for all with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) philosophy
•  Adaptable learning spaces
•  Frequent reporting to parents
•  A smart, stylish senior uniform
•  A welcoming atmosphere for parents and the community
•  A university campus feel as opposed to a secondary school

Excellence in Practice

2011 was our first year and we are delighted to have had such great success since opening.  Being a new school we have been able to make decisions about what has been proven to be best for today’s young adults, rather than being constrained by existing processes or traditions. The result is a school that has very clear expectations that its students will be high achievers. We work actively with each student to develop and hone their talents. 

Whilst academic success is our key focus, we are also committed to helping shape well-rounded citizens who have the necessary skills to fully participate in whatever their futures may bring them.  We will help by creating pathways for the future, providing new experiences and by supporting students to achieve success in other parts of school life, whether it is through sport, enterprise, culture, service, arts or music.  We are very aware that some of our students will be tomorrow’s leaders, so students at Ormiston Senior College are given many opportunities to develop their leadership potential. They are also expected to find authentic ways to contribute to the wider community, for example through volunteering or sports coaching.

All students at the college study for New Zealand's national qualifications system, the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) and the college also encourages students to work towards achievement in the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award Scheme. This focus on both academic and personal extension encourages and rewards students to have aspirations for their success in all areas of life.

Ormiston Senior College’s community is very ethnically diverse, offering insights into Asian, European, Indian, Maori, Middle Eastern and Pacific cultures. The value of so many cultures and languages at Ormiston Senior College assures our students develop skills in interacting effectively with a diverse range of people. This includes developing capacities to listen actively, recognizing different points of view and to negotiate and share ideas. Students who relate well to others are open to new learning and able to take different roles in different situations. They are aware of how their words and actions affect others. They know when it is appropriate to compete and when it is appropriate to co-operate. By working effectively together, they can come up with new approaches, ideas, and different ways of thinking.

Our focus on excellence has enabled us to attract teachers who are highly skilled in their specialist subject areas.  We are also able to choose only those who have a passion for the education of young adults; those who understood how young adults learn and who are able to mentor them to ensure achievement. Our teaching staff present at international conferences every year and participate actively in educational research to extend their professional capacities. In addition to specialist subject knowledge, all teaching staff have a Learning Advisory role to assist individual students to achieve their best.

We want our students to actually enjoy coming to school. We want them to want to learn and be challenged.  We have been able to put in place a personalised learning programme for each student, and have the resources and staff to be able to support students to achieve their goals.  A key part of this is ensuring that students understand why they are learning something and how it relates to their interests and their future aspirations.

Ormiston Senior College is fortunate to have an exceptional campus that was purpose-designed by award-winning architects to facilitate 21st century learning and to meet the needs of young adults. The buildings feel more like a university than a traditional secondary school, but have all of the spaces that other schools have - and more. We have learning commons, presentation rooms, quiet spaces, specialist rooms, along with a spacious library set high above Ormiston Road. All spaces have access to technology.

The school is very fortunate to have an auditorium/ theatre, seating 260 people for drama, dance and music performances. Adjacent to this theatre is the large gymnasium with a sprung floor suitable for many sports. The low windows along one side provide a view to the outside courts and playing fields.

We are the first school in New Zealand to achieve a 5 Green Star Education Design 2009 (Pilot) rating for our sustainable and green design features.  To gain this rating our school has a number of green features including a form of 'wind tower' technology. This passive ventilation system provides natural airflow with low running costs.  The building also features plenty of natural light, energy efficient lighting, heating and the use of water, solar panels and sustainable sourced materials. The durable brick facade will be long-lasting and require no maintenance.  We see this as a real benefit for students as studies overseas have shown that green school buildings are better learning environments.