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Awards 2012

Ormiston Awards Recipients 2012

In line with our founding Vision and Values we have developed an Awards Ceremony that reflects our unique approach to learning. Stemming from the vision and values we have developed a set of 8 norms which we use everyday to define learning and behaviour.  These norms represent the following qualities: resilience, creativity, building strong relationships, critical curiosity, making connections with the wider world, growing as a learner, being a contributing member of our community and valuing culture. A kiwi icon represents each of these norms. Each award recognises a different way of excelling as a student at Ormiston Senior College.

 Waka for exceptional school involvement

This award is given to students who have been exceptional in their strategic awareness and willingness to work to keep the vision and values of the school alive and prospering. The recipients of this award have thrown themselves into the life of the college though involvement in a large range of activities including dance groups, concert band, sports and service.

This year’s recipients are: Michael Tabor, Hannah Ireland, Farah Mohammed, Dwayne van Wyk, Shaniel Kumar and Ashleen Kumar.

 Pukeko for creativity at industry standard

This award is given to students who have produced a piece of work that is at industry standard that is innovative and exceptional. 

This year’s recipient is: Gemma-Jayde Naidoo

 Harakeke for providing exceptional support for the learning of other

This award is given to students who have been exceptional in supporting the learning of their fellow students in several different areas of school life.

This year’s recipients are: Teeroy Leo and Daisy Zhu 

Papatuanuku for leadership in culture

This award is given to students who have either led their fellow students in developing the culture of the school or have made an exceptional contribution to sustainability within the school or wider community. 

This year’s recipients are: Mihi Mason-Wells, Farah Mohammed and Micah-Leigh Nikora.

 Mokoroa for exceptional growth as a learner

This award is given to students who have demonstrated exceptional growth as learners through the ability to be reflective and responsive in their learning at the school.

This year’s recipients are : Cassiel Hurihanganui-Kilgour, Mihi Mason-Wells and Keerti Prasad.

 Kea for critical curiosity

This award is given to students who actively seek learning opportunities beyond the required framework on a consistent basis.

This year’s recipients are: Farah Mohammed, Shahrzad Arvari and Shakira du Pille.

 Pungawerewere for making connections to the wider world

This award is given to students who have been exceptional in learning beyond the school environment, bring new knowledge into the school and demonstrating understanding within our wider community.

This year’s recipient is: Mika Lagera.


This awards is given to students who have demonstrated the ability to strive for and achieve excellence. Kahikatea awards are also awarded to students who have been recognized nationally or regionally in their chosen field. They received this award for demonstrating the drive and desire required to reach this mark. 

The recipient for the Kahikatea Award for Sporting Achievements is Etienne Potgieter.

The recipient for the Kahikatea Award for Performing Arts Achievements is Where's Poly? (a group consisting of Teeroy Leo, Jacky Peng, Johnson Ioane, Ni'uloa Kava, Marquise Palalagi, Elijah Michael & Elijah Fifita-Lamb).

The recipients for the Kahikatea Awards for Academic Achievements are:

Level 1 
Shahrzad Arvari, Svetlana Banerjee, Shreyan Naidoo, Xiaofan Lin, Nicole Pretorius, Alvin Huang, Baban Kaur and Daisy Zhu.

Level 2
Gurkanwar Bedi, Farah Mohammed, Cameron Quilter, Sophie Giles, Gemma-Jayde Naidoo and Ashley Narayan.