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Terms and Conditions for Homestay

The provision of homestay accommodation for international students attending Ormiston Senior College (“School”) by the homestay parents (“Host”) shall be on the following terms and conditions.
1.     The Student shall pay to the Host an agreed amount per week. This payment shall be paid in advance while the Host is providing homestay accommodation to an international student enrolled at the School (“Student”).
2.     A duly appointed representative of the School shall have reasonable access to the homestay accommodation and facilities.
3.     The Host shall keep the School informed of matters concerning the Student including matters relating to the health, wellbeing or safety of the Student such as accidents, behavioural concerns or absences without                     reasonable explanation. The Host shall provide such other information relating to the Student as may be reasonably requested by the School from time to time.
4.     The Host agrees that the Student is to abide by school rules relating to international students as may be amended by the School from time to time.
5.     The Host agrees that the student will not own or drive a car.
6.     The Student shall be liable for all costs, expenses and outgoings. i.e. telephone tolls, entertainment, clothing and other related expenses incurred for his/her own benefit unless otherwise agreed between the Host and               Student.
7.     In the event that the student’s behaviour in the homestay becomes unacceptable to the host family, the International Student Manager must be informed immediately.
8.     Either party may terminate the homestay arrangement, without the need to provide reasons, upon giving to the other party two weeks’ notice except as in the case described in clause 9.3 below.
9.     The School may at its discretion remove the Student from the homestay accommodation without notice and terminate the homestay arrangement immediately if:
        9.1    in the School’s reasonable opinion the safety or the wellbeing of the Student is in doubt;
        9.2    in the School’s reasonable opinion the homestay accommodation is affecting the Student’s behaviour or academic performance at school.
        9.3    When a student is in NZ for a short-term stay of up to one term, and it becomes necessary for Ormiston Senior College to move the student to another homestay at short notice, in this case the homestay will be                    paid for only those nights that the student has stayed in the home. There will be no payment made in lieu of notice.
10.     All information provided in respect of the Host (including information contained in the application), student or other matters of a confidential nature relating to the homestay shall be held and kept confidential except             disclosure of information including the application:
         (a)    to the Student (or prospective student), the Student’s guardian and/or parents;
         (b)    to any professional consultant or such other person where it is in the interests of the Student to provide the information;
         (c)    pursuant to any statutory or other legal duty.
11.     Should any dispute or difference arise between the parties concerning this agreement or the provision of homestay accommodation the parties agree that they will, in good faith, endeavour to resolve the dispute by                consultation and negotiation.
12.     The Host’s rights and obligations under these terms and conditions may not be assigned without prior written agreement of the School.
13.     The School shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, damages or other claims against the Host arising from any acts or omissions of the Student. The school shall only be liable for the payment set out in these terms          and conditions for the periods that the Host is providing homestay accommodation to a Student
14.     These terms and conditions may be varied by the School upon written notification from time to time and will continue to apply to the provision of homestay accommodation by the Host until notified otherwise.
15.     The Host acknowledges that:
         (a)    personal information of the Host collected or held by the School is provided and may be held, used and disclosed to enable the School to process the application to provide homestay and enable the School to                         communicate with the Host for any purpose;
         (b)    all personal information provided to the School is collected by and will be held by the School at 275 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, Auckland 2016; Tel: (09) 551 2430;
         (c)    If the Host fails to provide any information requested in the application to provide homestay, the School may be unable to process the application;
         (d)    The Host has the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to obtain access to and request any corrections of any personal information held by the School concerning the Host;
         (e)    The Host authorises the School to obtain at any time from any person or entity any information it requires to process and/or accept the application to provide homestay or to perform or complete any of the other                  purposes under this agreement. The Host authorises any such person to release to the School any personal information that person holds concerning the Host.

Ormiston Senior College has agreed to observe and be bound by The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 published by the Ministry of Education and administered by NZQA. Please see link for copies of The Education Code 2016
The homestay fee for 2017 is $270 per week
Lynnette Greeff,
Nov 6, 2016, 4:12 PM