Fees and Dates

Fee Paying Students                                                                                                                                


Ormiston Senior College

International Students – Term Dates and Fees for 2018



Term 1

29 January to 13 April

Please note, Monday 29 January is a public holiday. School will commence on Tuesday 30 January 2018

Semester One

Term 2

30 April to 6 July

Term 3

23 July to 28 September

Semester Two

Term 4

15 October  to 12 December

 (may be earlier depending on exams written)


2018 STUDENT FEES - All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

Full Year

Tuition Fee (one full year) *


Administration Fee


Homestay/Caregiver Support Fee


Weekly Homestay Fee inclusive


Medical and Travel Insurance (cover for one year)** +


One Semester

Tuition Fee (Either Terms 1 & 2 or Terms 3 & 4) *


Administration Fee


Homestay/Caregiver Support Fee


Weekly Homestay Fee inclusive


Medical and Travel Insurance** +


One Term

Tuition Fee (Either Terms 1, 2, 3 or 4) *


Administration Fee


Homestay/Caregiver  Support Fee


Weekly Homestay Fee inclusive


Medical and Travel Insurance**+


 *      This includes:  GST, textbooks on loan, ESOL tuition if required, initial stationery pack, airport meet and greet on first arrival

**    Uni-Care International Student Insurance Cover Quoted.  Insurance fees are subject to change by the Insurance Provider

+      Insurance premium is calculated on exact travel dates and may therefore differ slightly from these estimates


 Short-Term Study Groups:

 Ormiston Senior College is able to accommodate Short-Term Study Groups.  Information and pricing is available 

 on application.  Please contact Lisa Crossley, International Manager - lcrossley@ormiston.school.nz.

Additional Costs:

Subject Fees 

Some practical subjects have a charge for materials or workbooks used, for example Photography, Art, Outdoor Education, Sport and Music.

External Exam Fees

$384 entry fees for NCEA Levels 1 to 3 (Years 11-13) must be paid.


Students will have the opportunity to enter national competitions.  Typically these are in Mathematics, Science, English and Chemistry.  These have their own entry fees.

School Trips

Day field trips to Art Galleries, Historic Sites etc. - some costs may apply.


Approximately $100 - $150 per year (dependent on chosen subjects)


Approximately $350 to $400

School Camps

Some subjects have extended camps as part of their field work.  Costs will vary.


Supplied on loan free of charge (But there will be a charge if books are lost or damaged)

 Approximate Age for Each Year Level

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

15 Years

16 Years

17-18 Years

 Fees Protection

Ormiston Senior College has a Fee Protection policy to safeguard the fees paid by International Students, in the unlikely event that the school may not be able to commence or continue to deliver tuition to the international student. The School’s Board of Trustees guarantees to hold in reserve sufficient funds to meet the requirements of any refund in these circumstances.

Refund of Fees:

International students who wish to withdraw from Ormiston Senior College must:

1.      Provide written approval from their parents or agent in lieu of parents signing the leaving form.

2.      Complete the college's leaving form.

3.      Give home stay parents two weeks' notice if this involves terminating their home stay arrangements.

Immigration New Zealand will be informed of any change of status of the student in relation to Ormiston Senior College.

The refund policy for fees of overseas students is based on Section 4 B (7) of the Education Act 1989. The Principal will act as the agent of the Board of Trustees in establishing the circumstances and the level of the fees to be refunded within the spirit of this policy.

Please note:

1.      The administration fee is payable on enrolment/re-enrolment.  It is non-refundable.

2.      We reserve the right to charge further fees in the event of more than one change of caregiver.

3.      Homestay fees must be paid in advance to Ormiston Senior College.

4.      Medical and travel insurance is compulsory for the duration of the student’s course.  It can be arranged through       the school with Uni-Care Travel Insurance.   For more information on this policy please view here.    

5.      Short term tuition can be arranged.  Please apply to Lisa Crossley, the International Student Manager for details       at - lcrossley@ormiston.school.nz.

6.      All prices have been quoted in New Zealand Dollars.

Please see attached downloadable form.

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