Homestay Application

Below please find our OSC Homestay Application Form for families who wish to apply to become a Host family.

From 2017, Homestay families are paid $270 per week;  host families are expected to: 

  • Provide a safe and friendly living and studying environment.
  • Provide day to day care including:
    •  3 meals a day and access to snacks
    •  own room or shared by negotiation
    •  bed and bedding
    •  access to a bathroom with showering facilities
    •  laundry facilities
    •  study desk, chair and reading light
    •  adequate bedroom furniture to store clothes, books etc.
    •  adequate heating
    •  assistance with transport arrangements to and from school as appropriate
    • internet connection for completing homework/research tasks & communicating with overseas family and friends
    • fully working and regularly maintained and checked smoke alarms
    • access to a fully equipped First Aid kit.
  • Treat the student with respect
  • Make the student feel a part of the family
  • Advise the college of any changes or additions to the household
  • Advise the college immediately of any concerns or problems with the student. e.g. behaviour or illness
  • Advise the college immediately if the student seems very homesick or sad

Host families are not obliged to:

  • Pay for toll or mobile phone calls
  • Cook special food
  • Insure the student’s goods or pay for property the student damages or loses
  • Offer accommodation to visiting friends or relatives

Click here to apply to be a host family.

Application to be a Homestay Family

Lynnette Greeff,
Sep 4, 2017, 4:45 PM