Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What is required if my son/daughter is away from college? If a student is sick or absent from college for any reason please phone or email the college as early as possible to studentservices@ormiston.school.nz or call 551 2430 ext. 807. If a student is to be away for more than one week (5 days) parents must write to the Principal for permission.

Parents must apply to the Principal in writing at least 10 days prior to the absence. The Ministry of Education determines whether the absence from college is justified or unjustified (we refer you to the Education Act 1989, No 80 (as at 01 Feb 2011) Sections 27,29, and 34).

When students are absent from college they are missing valuable learning time, that may contribute towards NCEA assessments and this may affect achievement in NCEA. Overseas holidays in term time is likely to be deemed an unjustified absence.

All students who are absent with an unjustified absence, during an NCEA internal assessment offered by the school will be recorded as a DNS (did not sit). If this internal standard does not have a further assessment opportunity the student will be unable to gain credits for the missed internal assessment.

Board of Trustees:

How do I contact board members if I need to?  If you phone the college office your details will be taken and a board member will get back to you.


Is this only available to students? The café is available to students in the mornings before school, during morning breaks  and at lunchtime. 

Complaints or Concerns:

If you have a complaint or concern please contact the school office. Staff will be happy to advise you on the procedures to follow ph:(09) 5512430


Do we have to pay this? Schools cannot make donations compulsory however the college relies on these funds for purchases and activities not covered by the Ministry of Education e.g. newsletters, prizegiving, sports equipment, the school magazine etc. All donations are therefore greatly appreciated by the college.


Can anyone come to Ormiston Senior College? Students must live within the Ormiston Senior College Zone to attend the college.You can check an address using: http://nzschools.tki.org.nz/In 2011 and 2012 the Board of Trustees made the decision not take any out of zone students. The Board will decide each year in about June/July whether out of zone students will be taken for the following year.

The enrolment process and documentation visit our Enrolment page. If you have any queries or questions please phone the college office.

International Students:

Can international students come to Ormiston Senior College? Yes please refer to International Students or email info@ormiston.school.nz if you require any further information.

Learning Advisors:

How do I contact a learning advisor? You can email any staff member at Ormiston Senior College by using their first initial and their surname  bsmith@ormiston.school.nzhbrown@ormiston.school.nz or email the office info@ormiston.school.nz and they will forward it on

Open Days:

Does the college have open days? Our next open evening will be held on 22 July when we invite students and their families, who will be attending the next year, to visit the college and learn about NCEA, meet our staff and have a tour around the college. Year 10 students also visit the college for transition days during the year. During the visits, they learn about college life at a senior level which helps them feel more comfortable when starting the following year.

 Payment Options:

What payment options are available? Payments can be made using cash, EFTPOS or credit cards. Families can also set up direct debit payments using:

Account Name: Ormiston Senior College

Bank: ASB

Branch: Botany Junction

Account: 12 3233 0355770 000

School Days:

Why does school start late on a Thursday morning? School starts at 10am on Thursday to enable staff to attend Professional Learning sessions from 8.30am. This time is invaluable for the teaching staff. Students do not miss any learning time as our school days are longer, and on Thursday mornings students can make use of college facilities for independent learning.


Do I need to purchase all the stationery on the stationery list? You only purchase items for the subjects you are enrolled to take. All course/subject fees are payable at the Ormiston Senior College office. Stationery lists are given out at the beginning of each year or can be downloaded from the website under Stationery. Purchases can be made online using OfficeMax or at any stationery outlet.


Is the uniform compulsory? Yes it is compulsory for all students. A description and cost of the uniform can be found on our Enrolments page.