Ormiston Senior College is governed by a locally elected School Board as is the case for all state NZ schools. The Board is responsible for:

  • Setting the strategic direction:
    Strategic Goals 2024 - 2025
  • Protecting the school’s values
  • Monitoring and evaluating student learning outcomes
  • Policies
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    Access the policies by username: ormiston & password: waka
  • Providing financial stewardship (click here to view the Audited Financial Statements 2022 & the Signed Audit Report 2022)
  • Building community support
  • Valuing and reflecting NZ’s dual heritage in line with the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi

Ormiston Senior College School Board

  • Sibylle Townsend (Presiding Member)
  • Faizal Mohammed
  • John Bassano
  • Michelle Harvey - Staff Rep
  • Leanne Seniloli
  • Tim Botting - Principal
  • Krish Naidu
  • Jolie Lai - Student Rep
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