School Accredited Homestay

International Students can choose to live in an accredited homestay arranged by the school. All our host families are carefully selected by our highly trained and experienced team. We aim to match students with a suitably compatible host family.

All homestay caregivers undertake a rigourous safety process including police vetting in accordance with The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Become an Accredited Homestay Family

If you are interested in hosting an International Student for Ormiston Senior College, please click below to complete our Registration Form.

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Terms and Conditions for Homestay

Homestay Testimonial - "OSC has very thorough and rigorous homestay processes and procedures. They are well supported by Lisa Crossley. The school supports the homestay family as well as the international student. I am a host family myself and can only speak highly of OSC in this regard."

Designated Caregiver

Designated Caregivers (DCG) are relatives or close family friends designated in writing by a parent of an international student. The parents accept full responsibility for the decisions made by the DCG regarding the day-to-day care of their child. The school has a responsibility to undertake regular monitoring to ensure that the DCG arrangement meets Code of Practice requirements. All family members in the household over 18 years of age will be police vetted and must satisfy the safety protocols.

The DCG will need to sign the Designated Caregiver Agreement on the Enrolment Form to acknowledge their understanding of the agreement and responsibility involved.

Designated Caregiver Testimonial - "We really appreciate with the help and support from Lisa and Judith."


Some parents accompany their children to New Zealand. If students are living with a parent, then the parent has full responsibility for the pastoral care of the student outside school hours.

Parent Testimonial - "I am also thankful of you and the rest of Ormiston faculty and staff for your all out support and believing in my daughter's ability. All of you have done too in attaining this credits. Again thank you so much."

Parent Testimonial - "I would like to send you a big thank Lisa because you are always by my daughters and families side to provide us with lots of support. Again thank you for everything you do to help my family.”

Excellent Location

Ormiston Senior College is located in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland. The suburb, known as Flat Bush, is one of a kind in New Zealand.

“Flat Bush is a community where people of different cultures and abilities are woven together to create a strong and unique identity.”

  • It is home to approximately 40,000 people made up of a vibrant mix of ethnicities and cultures
  • The new vibrant Ormiston Town Centre is the heart and soul of Flat Bush and located close to beautiful green open spaces
  • The community has a strong focus on people and the environment

Study, Work Live in Auckland

World class facilities, loads of events, an inspiring art scene, fantastic food and coffee and unique culture - Auckland has loads to offer international students!
Flat Bush is a large newly developed suburb in East Auckland. We have beautiful parks close by as well as beaches, shopping malls and transport options.
A peak body for schools supporting international students in the education sector.
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