Vision and Values

Preparing and inspiring our students to achieve their very best in a global society

Ormiston Senior College acknowledges the vision, principles, values and key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum and values the unique place of Māori as tangata whenua of New Zealand.

We value:

  • Personalized learning opportunities that are flexible and authentic and meet each student’s aspirations and educational needs.

  • Achievement of excellence and a culture where success is fostered, celebrated and admired.

  • Supporting students to take responsibility for their own learning and for the learning of others.

  • Equipping students with the confidence and capability to pursue their preferred futures and lifelong learning.

  • A holistic education where, in addition to an academic focus, involvement in the wider life of the school is expected and valued. The wider life of the school could be cultural, enterprise, service or sporting.

  • Outstanding educators who foster curiosity, and inspire and support students to successfully push the boundaries of their abilities.

  • Teaching and learning based on leading edge research, the creation and sharing of ideas and knowledge, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

  • A stimulating and challenging culture where staff and students are open-minded and relate to each other respectfully and thoughtfully.

  • Diversity and the life experiences of others.

  • Integrating new technologies into the wide range of opportunities students are offered to enable them to participate in a global world.

  • A strong connection with the local community where families and others are involved in the school, and students contribute in the community.

  • An exceptional learning environment which honours sustainability, environment and heritage.

Translation of Vision & Values

Our vision and values are not just ideals for us to work towards.

The following provides more detail about each of the values and what this means for our students, staff, families and the local community.


  • High standards set for all
  • Success celebrated
  • Instilling a sense of school pride
  • Providing the stepping stones to lead to excellence

Personalised learning:

  • Designing the learning according to individual need
  • Every student has a Learning Advisor
  • Flexibility of timetable
  • Choice

21st Century technology:

  • Integration of technologies into all teaching programmes
  • Opportunities to connect with local and global communities
  • Equity of access
  • Use of a variety of digital devices welcomed
  • Digital communications and resources

Equipping students with confidence and capability:

  • Developing an environment where students feel safe to contribute, question and take risks
  • Ensuring students understand the relevance of their learning
  • Learning based on individual needs

A strong connection with local community:

  • Opportunities for students to contribute to the wider community
  • Engaging community in the life of the school
  • Regular communication with the community

Research-based teaching and learning:

  • Ongoing professional development for all staff
  • Staff belonging to professional learning communities
  • A culture of inquiry
  • Data and evidence used to inform planning

Developing responsibility:

  • Supporting students to manage their own learning
  • Encouraging students to set their own learning goals
  • Encouraging students to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Providing a variety of opportunities for leadership
  • Contributing positively to the learning of others

An open-minded culture:

  • An adult learning environment
  • Risk-taking and questioning fundamentals to learning
  • Accepting and valuing a range of viewpoints
  • Everyone treating each other as they would like to be treated themselves
  • Acknowledging and celebrating all cultures within a New Zealand culture

A holistic education:

  • A co-curricular programme with all students and staff involved
  • Students trying new pursuits
  • Valuing all endeavours be they academic, sporting, cultural, service oriented or entrepreneurial

An exceptional learning environment:

  • A place where everyone feels safe and welcomed
  • Caring for our exceptional building and grounds
  • Ensuring sustainable practices
  • Valuing our natural heritage
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