Aug 2018


Mar 2019

Mike King presentation to OSC students and staff

This morning we were fortunate to have Mike King addressing the school. He is this year’s Kiwibank New Zealander of the year and a passionate mental health advocate. He spoke of how a person’s biggest fear is rejection by others. Mike’s message to us was about accepting ourselves and not being dependent on the approval of others for our self-esteem. He talked about how we are often own own harshest critics and about the importance of taking off our masks and being open and honest with each other. He also talked about the ups and downs of life as being normal and about looking out for each other. Being there when your friends are going through a difficult patch and reminding them of their worth can make all the difference. Mike left us with I am Hope wrist bands to wear as a symbol that you will support another person and be there for them. He also provided all students with a handout outlining ways teenagers can help a friend who is going through a hard time. Feedback from students was that it was a powerful and reassuring message.

Aug 2018

OSC students had the opportunity to work with Datacom and Microsoft in using Hololens in a Maths classroom.

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